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Airports –  Main cities in the country have air terminals for domestic flights. In the majority of cases the T.U.U.A. (Airport Use Fee) is included in the airfare but in some cases it must be paid before boarding the flight. An increasing number of airlines are covering domestic routes from different points in the country.

There is a large variety of busses connecting destinations across the country, as more and more cities have their own bus terminals. Road transportation services vary depending on the desired levels of comfort, speed and budget. The main national roads are in very good condition, with a dedicated police force, and fast emergency and assistance services.

City transportation – It is advisable that you use the services of a taxi company (requested by phone) or those authorized by the city halls (generally yellow colored and showing the license plate number on both sides of the vehicle).

Cabs in Peru don’t use taximeters. You must negotiate the price of the service before getting into the taxi. Tipping the cabdriver is not a common practice. It is wise to hire authorized taxi services at the airport or hotels. These have their own locations on the premises. We do not recommend do not use City buses.

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