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Special Recomendations

If you wish to visit one of the Protected Natural Areas, check the entrance requirements and recommendations laid out by the National Institute of Natural Resources. To trek or take other excursions, consult with the local population on the state of the trails and route difficulty.

For trips on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, it is indispensable that you hire the services of a National Cultural Institute authorized agency or tour guide. Since it is a trip in high demand, it is recommended that you make the reservation plenty of time beforehand.

For visiting archeological sites, we recommend the use of tennis shoes or rubber soled shoes, especially if it is about the Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary.

If you want to drive in Peru, you need your driver’s license, a copy of your passport, the vehicle’s registration, and if it is a rental, the rental contract. International driver’s licenses are valid for one year. In the event of an accident or incident, find a traffic police officer. If the car is a rental, also call the rental car company.

It is absolutely prohibited to carry drugs. If you do so, you will be arrested and put in jail. Do not accept to take in your luggage packages belonging to strangers, under any circumstances.

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